Back From The Dead!

Okay, so I am not literally back from the dead, that really would be something to write about! It just feels like it, certainly in terms of my absence from posting on my site, as it has been almost three years now! And lets face it, there has certainly been plenty to comment about. Brexit, deathly pandemics, world leaders that make the Three Stooges look like the Brains Trust and not to mention the economic melt-down of the free world. Whatever next, war in Europe! Oh yeah, there’s that as well.

All in all, it has been quite a crappy time and it doesn’t look like getting better any time soon. Oh well, there is always emigrating to Mars to look forward to (and by that I mean the chocolate factory in Slough of course!!).

For those of you that have read any of my content here, you will know that I have opinions on such things and I’m not afraid to share them. I like to think that I apply a little common sense and rationale to my “solutions”, even if some of them are a little tongue in cheek. As we seem to be hurtling towards the abyss with Armageddon lurking like the grim reaper, the onus seems to be put more and more on the populace to sort things out. I have had a lot of thoughts on things such as climate change, pollution, economic disparity, social inequality and technology’s hand in the downturn of our society and over the weeks I will tackle each one individually.

Next week, I am hoping to start with a fairly small, innocuous topic – IT’S TIME TO ABOLISH MONEY!!!

A little ambitious and unworkable? Maybe not! Not so much down with capitalism, more, let’s see an end to consumerism.

Thanks as always for reading so far, and stay tuned for my thoughts on how abolishing money could instantly solve many of our current problems!

The Mastaba House. A Gratuitous Plug.

A close family member has recently written a book and after much persuasion and cajoling, they have decided to publish it. I had made the decision not to push or advertise any products on my blog, but decided to make an exception with this one. Well, it is family! I’ve cut and pasted the “blurb” about the story-line, but if you click on the image to the right, this will take you straight to the amazon store.

“At a séance, Danny receives a curious message. Just three words. Car. Red. Fire. Danny dismisses it as nonsense. After all, his car is silver. The following morning whilst out running, Danny passes a small forest beyond a gate. In a clearing he can see a brick building, no larger than a garden shed. It looks completely out of place, so Danny climbs the gate to investigate.

An alarm rings and Danny wakes in his bed. His running clothes lie unworn and it is clear that Danny hasn’t left his room. It must have been a dream, albeit, an extremely realistic one. Danny’s day continues to unravel. At work, his pass won’t allow him access and he is unable to log into his computer. As he tries to rectify the issues, he is told that his details are no longer on the company database. Later on, his bank and credit cards are refused and he is told that he doesn’t hold an account with the bank. He feels as though his life is slowly being erased. When his car won’t start, he calls his friend for a lift. They are involved in a terrible accident and whilst Danny and his friend escape, the car explodes and through the flames, Danny thinks he sees someone. The car is red.

Danny confides in his best friend Jackie and she insists on seeing the forest. They discover that the building does exist and after some research they learn that it’s called Mastaba House and is owned by the secretive Genesis Foundation. When Jackie suddenly disappears, Danny is convinced that all of these events are intertwined. As he sets out to find his friend, Danny is approached by Derek Stevens. Claiming to have seen Jackie, the mysterious old man tells Danny that he used to work for The Genesis Foundation and that he can help.

As the two men search for Jackie, Danny learns that he has a secret. An artefact left by a distant relative may hold the key to everything that is going on. Will Danny find his friend and in doing so, learn the secret hidden deep below Mastaba House. Or will The Genesis Foundation beat him to it. “

Please take a look, you can even download and read it for free for a limited period of time. And if you like it, leave a comment. I know it will be greatly appreciated.